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About The Band

VOIDCRUSH was formed in 2005, when four friends from the Long Beach, CA Rocky Horror cast realized that we were all musicians without bands, which is like being a unicorn without a horn – you’re just a stupid horse with delusions of grandeur and who really gives a fuck? Luckily, we all played different instruments, because while it would be theoretically awesome to have a band made up entirely of bass guitars, you’re realistically limited to just a single cover song by Spinal Tap and anything played with E E E E E E E, and that would get old quickly. Along the way we lost some members, gained some others, and we’re very, very happy with our current lineup.

We play primarily in the Southern California region, generally anywhere that’s at least two double-wide trailers lashed together with twine, perched atop a couple of crumbling cinder blocks and wired with a guitar amp for the vocals. And they must at least serve beer, or Brandon and Glen might not play. No, really, they might not play. Toilet seats in the ‘restrooms’ are optional, but they damn well better have beer.

Sometimes, people ask about our name. Rarely. Well, never, really, but it makes for a good paragraph in a bio. Marty, our drummer, found the name “VOIDCRUSH” on the 15 N. freeway in traffic, at the bottom of a bowl. He called all of us and we approved of the name. Otherwise, we would have been stuck with something like “Testicular Nonsense” or “Dick Bath” or “Angel Fart”. We were kinda stuck, so we went with “VOIDCRUSH”. (See? Good paragraph.)

Our music is influenced by Slayer, Metallica, Tom Waits, Sepultura, Kate Bush, Tool, Pantera, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Zakk Wylde, Down, Alice In Chains, Godsmack, Fear Factory, old Korn, Crowbar, Helmet and lots of other bands and artists that do not, in our opinion, suck. We do our best to blast your brain through the pre-existing hole in the back of your head at every show with the power of our METAL. At the very least, Becky and Elka will scowl menacingly at you from the stage.


Marty Roberts – Drums
Becky Roberts – Vocals
Brandon Demaria – Guitar, Vocals
Glen J – Guitar
Elka Svan – Bass

We write our own music, produce our own promo cd’s (that you can get for free if you come to a show, or you can download all of our music, including live recordings, scratch recordings and our 3 previous full albums, from our SoundCloud page), book our own shows and generally fuck shit up because we’re completely unsupervised, but we like what we hear. Come to a show, feed our energy and find out if you like us too! AND BRING YOUR MOM! We like your mom.


For booking, please visit our FaceBook page for current contact info.


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