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SHOW: Nov 8th at Loaded in Hollywood!

Loaded Nov 8

Our next show will be at Loaded in Hollywood for “Ladies of Metal” night!  We go on at 7pm, so you’ll still be able to get all of your much needed beauty sleep.  Be there to help us flip the finger to Monday, from the safety of Sunday!

21+, see the link above for address and driving directions

$10 Cover

Halloween Show at the World Famous Doll Hut!

Make your Halloween a little more METAL by going to the Doll Hut as we join forces with Prost!, Carnal Bliss, and Black Vulture Conspiracy. No Cover, 21+

Halloween Show at the Doll Hut!

Halloween Show at the Doll Hut!

Happy New Year!!


We hope you guys have a kickass 2012, and we also hope to see all of you at Max Steiners on the 14th!!!

Welcome to the new voidcrush.com

Looks pretty snazzy doesn’t it?



OK, so it doesn’t really look like anything. Well, until we figure out what to do with this new format (and how to use it), this is about as good as this site’s gonna get.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Our first-ever music video will be posted here very soon, and that will automatically make this site more awesome…

…than YOUR MOM!!

I know that’s saying a lot, but you know it’s true.